The Filmmakers

Steve Cowan

Director/Producer, Habitat Media

At the core of Steve’s passion for making films is an intense appreciation of the natural environment and a belief that the involvement of spirited citizens is key to solving serious global challenges. He has directed and produced several documentary films as founder of Habitat Media, including their Emmy-nominated marine fisheries series that aired as primetime PBS specials in 2002 and 2005. The series explored the powerful role of consumers in changing the way oceans are fished. It was while making these films that his exposure to the failure of policy to protect the oceans inspired PRICELE$$, a film that examines the root cause of many failed policies and the citizen movement to make smarter government. Honored as producer, writer and editor, his film credits include Ancient Sea Turtles (Best Educational Documentary, International Wildlife Film Festival); The Sea Turtle Story (acquired by National Geographic); Empty Oceans Empty Nets (CINE Golden Eagle); Farming the Seas (Emmy Nomination, CINE Golden Eagle, Best Independent Documentary, International Wildlife Film Festival); and PRICELE$$ (Grand Jury Award for Documentary, Washington DC Independent Film Festival).


Cameron HarrisonCameron Harrison


Cameron has been obsessed with moving images ever since he was a young boy and his father opened a local video store (remember those?) in his hometown of Valdez, Alaska. His enthusiasm for filmmaking is second only to his desire to help shape a better world for future generations. Habitat Media offered a wonderful opportunity to practice both of these passions, and he’s greatly enjoyed being a part of producing PRICELE$$. His knowledge of how policy is shaped in our democracy has grown significantly from what he learned on Schoolhouse Rock, and he’s happy to know that there is hope to fix what’s broken. And more than anything he’s happy to share these discoveries with a wider audience via this documentary. His past work as a freelance videographer includes local, web, and national commercials. He’s also the writer/director of a number of award winning short films.


Barry Schienberg

Director of Photography

Barry’s cinema graphic journey began when he made his own photographic film in his 7th grade science class. It didn’t work. But there was always Kodak and so the journey continued. Since then he has circled the globe numerous times with Habitat Media and others co-producing, editing, and shooting award winning documentaries. Barry and his camera also visit distant lands  to capture profiles of the men and women who receive the Goldman Environmental Prize.

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